At the age of 18, I fell in love with fitness and the benefits of having a strong, healthy program as a part of everyday life. However, it was not until the loss of my second child who was born still at 9 months that fitness became a form of healing and nurturing for my mind, body and overall health. It was incredibly humbling for me in more ways than one. During that time, I was not able to physically move my lower body, was limited to bed rest and was only able to get to where I needed in a wheelchair. You have no idea how incredibly lucky you are to MOVE until you cannot. Once my physical self slowly returned, it was fitness that lead me to come to grips with my “new normal”, both, physically and emotionally. 

There are so many women suffering from loss, depression, anxiety, stress, unhealthy dieting, poor self- body image, bad relationships, limited time, career issues, and the list goes on. The Get It Done principles give you the tools to help reduce or eliminate those stressors and replace them with strength, energy and a healthier new you.

I bring over 20 year’s experience in this industry from working in gyms, as a personal trainer, online coaching, running 5ks, a half-marathon, mud runs, and even participated in a national bikini competition. I am able to share my story and use my experience as a way to inspire other women like me.


My goal is to change the way women feel about themselves, to understand that fitness is about how you feel not how you look. Once this changes, fitness takes on a whole new life. It not only becomes a priority, but it becomes FUN!


By using the Get It Done principles, women are able to find their OWN connection to fitness and when you do it just becomes part of who you are! We learn that fitness is not unachievable or all-consuming, it is a mindset, it is how you feel, and how you SHOW UP! 



·If it is summer and hot, you can find me on Long Beach Island, NJ in the Summer. But truthfully, I am homebody so if I am not working, I am home.

I grew up in Long Island, NY and moved to New Jersey when I was in my thirties.

I hate laundry - I feel that it is ALL I do! I told my kids to invest in a dryer that folds clothes. I told them every mom would invest in it.

I have three children, 2 that walk and 1 that soars. I love when you mention ANY of their names.

People refer to me as Safety Sally. It could be paranoia, but I always ask myself…is it worth the RISK?

I am mostly known for fitness, although I have been a Paralegal for almost 20 years.

I am obsessed with workout clothes and tank tops with funny quotes. The funnier the better.

I am super passionate about women having choices to work while they have a family. The Industrial Revolution is over, so should the 9-5 mentality. So many educated women have to make a choice between family and career because of time and money. One day I hope to show women we do not need to make a choice, we just need a new way.

I have been featured in STRONG magazine twice when I attended Strong Camp. 

I sang with the Long Island Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra as a child and have played classical piano since the age of 7.

I love serving the world by doing not saying. If I want someone to walk the walk, I have to walk it along with them. This goes for being a coach, wife, mom, Christian, and entrepreneur. We do not get what we want by our thoughts, we get what we want by our actions. You are what YOU DO!



If you have ever lost someone you know that you look for signs. When my little Aubrey Rose was born sleeping, later I kept finding white angel feathers everywhere. Feathers are not really a fitness type of logo, but I wanted to use is it SO bad. I decided at one point I was going to use a dragonfly. After all, the meaning of a dragonfly coincided with my messages it means transformation, adaptability, and self -realization (also part of the Get It Done principles), but it was not from my heart.

Then I remembered Dumbo! No joke! Dumbo thought he needed the feather to fly. He believed that when he held a magic feather in this trunk this was the only way he could fly. The feather gave him confidence and comfort, safety and security, and reminded him of what was he was capable of doing.

We are just like Dumbo. We need reminding that we can soar too. We need confidence, comfort, safety, and security. We all need a magic feather to believe in to give us confidence and stability. 

If you know the story of Dumbo, you know that his power to fly does not come from the magic feather. It comes from the power of his belief in the feather. We all need a magical feather and then at some point we will learn the power to fly was inside us the whole time. We just needed something (like a coach) to pull it out of us.