It was a almost a year ago when I decided to join Monica at Get It Done. I always struggled with balancing my schedule to accommodate time for my health and well being. I am a full time working mom with two very busy children. I always felt like my time off should be spent on my children as I struggle with guilt issues from being a full time working mom. It was almost a year ago when I decided that I needed to make myself a priority. I absolutely love the positivity that this group brings to the table as well as the confidence it has shown me. I have learned that fueling my body with the right food is the key to success. The thing that I love the most is how supportive Monica is with her clients. She truly has a passion and love for fitness that is extremely contagious and I feel blessed to be a part of her journey. 

Shannon B.

Manahawkin, NJ

My clothes are too big!

Sue B.

Galloway, NJ

Monica is the real deal! She has inspired me to think out of the box which yielded amazing results! She has taught me how to easily incorporate healthy tips which effortlessly keeps me on track! She is a true leader with great energy!

Jeanine S.

Long Island, NY

I have been training with Monica and Get It Done Fitness since its inception. I can say that Monica's passion is fitness! Her program fits into any busy woman's schedule. She strikes the perfect balance between exercise (her workouts are varied and you NEVER get bored), diet, hydration and positive self-LOVE. I'm a huge fan! Say Good-bye to your gym and Hello to Get It Done Fitness! You won't regret it!

Susan T.

Smithville, NJ

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